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3 Tips To A Tidy Kids Room.

As a mother of two beautiful girls, I love for my kids room to be clean and organised, because it just makes life easier. You can find everything quickly, and it looks and feels so much nicer without all the clutter and chaos, creating a calm space for kids to play in.

It's not about living in perfection. Life happens! homes are meant to be lived in, and the kids are messy. Often our house looks like a hurricane has hit.

It's about having systems in place so when it is time to pack up- its a quick and less stressful reset, because everything has a home.

Some families are comfortable letting the children keep their rooms the way they like them, and that is totally ok. Whatever works for you. But it is possible to have some order in your children’s rooms if that is important to you.

Helping your children organise and clean their rooms can be worth the effort. Children can learn valuable life skills through this process- like how to maintain a routine, contribute to the family, organise, have responsibilities for their things and how to care and cooperate.

They can also explore their own taste and express their personal style into their rooms!

1. Storage Solutions

Have proper storage solutions set up in the room to contain your child's different belongings, so even when it gets crazy messy in there- when it is time to pack away, every item has ‘a place to live’.

For example, put away soft toys in a hamper or basket, coats and hats hung up on a back of door hook, swimming or sports gear- in a storage basket in the cupboard.

Use different drawers or shelves to categorise each type of clothing.

2. Do it Together

With young children it’s important to tidy with them so they don’t become overwhelmed.

Sit in the middle of the room and pick up a toy saying “I wonder where this goes?" or

"Can you show me?”

One thing I’m sure we all heard growing up was "put that away/ go clean your room...or else!" which feels so negative. Instead, try "can you put that where it lives?"

This clever language tweak reframes the task in a positive light.

Kids have a natural ability to personify things, so I say things like "Do you want this item to live with you?" or "Where should we give this a home?" when tidying with my girls.

  • Spray tables and let your kids wipe it down,

  • let your kids hold the dustpan while you sweep

  • Show your child to put dirty clothes in the laundry basket

  • Make the bed together!

3. Daily tasks for a tidier bedroom

Make the bed- once this is done the entire room looks instantly tidier!

Put away clothes - hang or fold clothes to put away, and put dirty ones in a laundry hamper. This clears up any clothing that is thrown around the room.

Pack up Toys - each night, put every item away where it belongs, if you’re not sure where something goes, create a new permanent spot for it.

It's not all about the tidying, it's about setting the stage for some awesome times ahead. Here's to less chaos, more chill, and fun times with your kids!



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