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Tidy in Ten.

Since we are now officially heading in to spring, I thought it would be the perfect time to introduce you to a new course that's been released entitled, Tidy in Ten over at DailyOM.

And culling through years of "stuff" is emotional, especially if sentimental items are involved. When we remove clutter from our lives and learn how to live beautifully, we free up space for new and wonderful things to come into our lives. 

Each of the 10 lessons tackles a different situation or room in your home, along with guidance on how to manage the strong emotions that can show up with this type of work.

A junk drawer may not be meaningful to you, but certain pieces of clothing or items that have emotional weight and have long been stored away can bring up strong feelings. We can be very attached to our things, and tidying up can be very difficult. Learning to live with less doesn't mean you have to give up everything, however, because you can still keep what you love. 

When we look at Instagram or read magazines that show domestic perfection, it can bring us to a complete stop because we are overwhelmed by the expectation of flawlessness. This course is about real tidying up for real people. 

Let's face it, everyone can get overwhelmed when it comes to cleaning out the closet, pantry, drawers, and cabinets--our homes have the power to inspire us as well as the power to drain us--but this course teaches you helpful tricks and tips along the way and how to keep it up when you are finished. We start with an opening blessing and close with a ceremony of completion. This course has been written so you can work at your own pace and hopefully feel really comfortable along the way with the work you accomplish. 

Mess and disorganisation make most people feel overwhelmed and stressed, and can lead to a halt in other aspects of your life. As your home creeps into a state of disarray over a period of time, it can also reflect your inner life; as if an emotional journey hasn't been completed. It's no secret that clutter is bad for your mind, the energy in your home, and your blood pressure--but instead of procrastinating, now you can finally do something about it. This easy-to-follow and highly effective course will show you how to de-clutter your home, one room at a time--in just ten minutes a day!

With this course, you get to take control of how you feel in your home.

Remember, a clean, organised home brings more than just peace of mind. It gives you the instant relief of being able to breathe easier, the ability to enjoy your space, and it will most certainly have a positive effect on every aspect of your life.

So, whether you've got a few boxes lying around, a garage full of junk, or anything in between--now is a great time to dig in and clear the clutter out of your life (and mind) for good! Spring cleaning is in the air. I invite you to open a window, let in some fresh air, and start tidying!



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