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What People Are Saying

Your organisational skills are exceptional.  You transformed our home and it honestly changed our lives.  Thank you."

Joy | Norwood

"Thank you Deanna for transforming my kitchen and lounge room in to an organised and personalised space.  I can't thank you enough for helping me every step of the way...from unpacking boxes, to the final touches of fresh flowers and hung photographs. You made my move stress-free."

Isabella | Adelaide

"When I met and hired you, I immediately saw your strength and understanding.  At the time I was going through a separation and moving house, it was a time I needed support.  Your organisational skills and empathy was second to none.  I was in chaos- and here you come- this woman her worked her magic.  You showed me that everything has a place and together we created my new home.  You did this with such grace and elegance.  I can't commend you enough Deanna for what you did for me. Thank you."

Christina | Goodwood

"I was so pleased with the service that Deanna gave me.  I had a walk in wardrobe that was a total mess.  Deanna organised it in a way that I can now easily maintain.  It's now my special place.  I highly recommend Deanna to anyone."

Kerry | brighton

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