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You want your home to look good...and feel good.

After all, your home is your sanctuary.  

And your family's too.

With a touch of creativity, a knack for organising and a whole lot of styling flair, The Sorted Home can make your home look fabulous and have the family on board too.

Oh and styling doesn't mean living in terror of staining a white couch.  It's about creating a space that you love looking at- and living in. 

Styling in 4 easy steps:


We talk about what areas to transform through styling.


We look at potentially buying some new items.  It doesn't have to be a lot or expensive- but the odd accessory, a pop of colour or piece of furniture can make all the difference.


Based on the plan, we can go shopping together, you can go shopping, or The Sorted Home can shop for you.


Moving furniture, hanging new pictures, rearranging pillows...whatever it takes to make this transformation happen.

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